Affordable Transit

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words …

.. In this case, it’s a new animated video that tells a million stories — stories that New Yorkers experience every day while traveling by car, train, bus, and subway: gridlock, breakdowns and delays, limited service, and, ahem, severe overcrowding. It can be “irksome” – a newly coined description by our Mayor – and on many an occasion, nightmarish.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.19.17First reported by the Gothamist today, Move NY has released a new animated short, “I Heart Move NY.” Graphic animators, Aaron Wolfe and David Heatley, worked with the Move New York team to translate a highly complex transportation plan into an engaging story with fresh imagery that runs two-and-a-half minutes.
“When we started out,” explains Lisa Rainwater, Move NY campaign director, “we ran close to five minutes — an eon in social media time. We whittled and whittled away until one thing came into focus: New York City. It’s a phenomenal place to live, work, and play. Travelling, not so much. We paint the picture of our irksome travel nightmares and show how the Move NY Fair Plan is the surest way out of our troubles.”
Rebecca Fishbein of the Gothamist writes:

“As outlined in February, the plan would, among other things, instate $5.54 cashless tolls on the Manhattan, Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.11.12Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges in both directions, along with a toll of the same cost on roads crossing 60th Street in Manhattan. Taxis would be exempt from the tolls but would have to pay a surchage on trips below 96th street; trucks and commercial vehicles would pay only one toll per day.

If that sounds financially harsh, the plan also calls for lowering the tolls on bridges like the Triborough, Whitestone, Verrazano Narrows and Throgs Neck, which, unlike the East River bridges, do not connect public transportation-heavy areas, and have been costing drivers significant cash over the years. It would also relieve the heavy traffic currently plaguing the toll-less bridges, speed up commercial deliveries, and help replete a severely struggling
MTA pot, potentially saving the rest of us from future spiking subway fares.”

Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.38.03Designed by “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz, who has a cameo in the video, the Move NY Fair Plan has gained editorial endorsements from The NY PostThe Daily NewsThe New York TimesCrains, and Newsday. A growing coalition of State and City elected officials have come out to champion Move NY as an answer to our transportation and transit woes.
“We all heart New York,” the short’s voice over says. “Isn’t it time we reinvest in the transportation system that made us the greatest city on earth?”
For more information on the Move New York Fair Plan, visit

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