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Statement on Quinnipiac Poll Showing Increased Support for Move NY Fair Plan

Statement from Move NY on Quinnipiac Poll showing
increased support for the Move NY Fair Plan

Today’s Quinnipiac Poll strongly reinforces our own findings that when people learn more about the plan, support for it increases.

Support across all five boroughs has been steadily growing over the past weeks. Just today, Move NY announced that 10 community groups in Brooklyn have endorsed the Move NY Fair Plan. They join a diverse coalition of several dozen elected officials and over 60 business associations, trade unions, clergy, civic leaders, transportation and environmental advocates and good-governance organizations who have announced their support, with more expected soon.

“These are terrific results!” said “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz, architect of the Move NY Fair Plan. “Without even describing all the benefits of the plan: more transit service, better roads and bridges, faster travel, lower shipping costs etc., nearly half of New Yorkers support the plan. Just wait until the majority of New Yorkers realize all they are getting by MOVE NY!”

According to Move NY campaign director Alex Matthiessen, “These positive poll results are consistent with a growing movement — by editorial boards, elected officials and interest groups — to get behind the Move NY Fair Plan. New Yorkers from all corners of the city and region understand that we are facing a transportation crisis and the Move NY plan is the best solution for addressing it.”

In December, Move NY released findings from an internal poll conducted by Global Strategy Group that showed 62-31% in favor of the Move NY Fair Plan after people were given in-depth information— and pro and con statements— about the plan’s details.


Click here to read the results of the poll conducted by Global Strategy Group in November 2014.

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