Filling the Gap

Press Statement on Fully Funding the MTA Cap Plan

October 14, 2015

Press Statement by Alex Matthiessen, President of Blue Marble Project and Move NY Campaign Director, on Commitments from Governor and Mayor to Fully Fund the MTA Capital Plan

 “Now that we have the funding commitments in place, there needs to be a public debate on how to pay for it.”

Mayor de Blasio’s announcement that the City has committed $2.5 billion to the MTA 5-year capital plan is welcome news to eight million daily transit users throughout the New York metropolitan region. With the Governor’s commitment of $8.3 billion, the funding gap is finally closed and critical maintenance and upgrades to our stations, signaling systems, and train cars will occur. What is yet to be determined, however, is how the City, and particularly the State, will pay their respective shares.

“Now that we have the funding commitments in place,” said Alex Matthiessen, “there needs to be a public debate on how to pay for it. Already there’s talk of borrowing money to fund the State’s share – which would be bad news for all New Yorkers. Issuing state bonds would mean upstate taxpayers paying for a system that, with few exceptions, doesn’t benefit them. Issuing more MTA debt means huge toll and fare hikes for current downstate drivers and riders on top of the scheduled increases they already face.”

Move NY is the only option on the table that

  • covers the MTA budget gap;
  • slashes congestion;
  • provides $375 million annually for City roads and bridges;
  • raises $4.5 billion above and beyond the MTA capital plan for increased transit services to underserved parts of the city and region and reduced fares;
  • creates toll equity across the city; and
  • has been endorsed by eight editorial boards, 65+ civic groups, and over three dozen city and suburban elected officials.

A poll conducted last year concluded that when the voting public learns the details of the Move NY Fair Plan, 62% are in favor. We encourage the Governor and Legislature to involve the public in the decision as to how to fund the MTA and our roads and bridges. We’re confident that if given the choice, the public will back the plan that distributes the burden of funding transportation fairly while reducing traffic and extending service to those underserved parts of the city and suburbs that are starved for transit.


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