Press Releases

Understanding How Move NY Funds Will Be Secured

At a press conference in Albany yesterday, Assemblyman Robert J. Rodriguez and his colleagues highlighted the various provisions in the Move NY Fair Plan bill (A09633) designed to “lockbox” the revenue that will be raised to upgrade our transit system and road and bridge network: $1.35 billion in new, annual revenue which, when bonded, will generate over $12 billion in available resources to invest in the region’s transportation infrastructure.

Move NY Campaign Director Alex Matthiessen joined Assembly co-sponsors, including Assembly Members Rodriguez, Felix Ortiz, Michael Blake, Shelley Mayer, Jo Anne Simon, and Rebecca Seawright, at the press conference along with Riders Alliance Executive Director John Raskin and Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Caroline Samponaro. There are currently 23 co-sponsors in the Assembly hailing from all five boroughs, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.

In this clip, Alex explains how revenues raised from Move NY will be protected and used to improve our transit, roads, and bridges.


Let your elected officials you support the Move NY Fair Plan, by signing our petition:

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