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In case you needed a refresher, here’s one from Curbed’s Hannah Frishberg: “Congestion pricing in NYC, explained.” 3/14/18

Read Aline Reynolds’ piece for Next City, “Why This Time Could Be Different for Congestion Pricing in NYC.” 3/12/18

Watch as MoveNY Director Alex Matthiessen gives us an update on the push for congestion pricing in NYC! 3/7/18

Congestion pricing, faster buses, MTA scrutiny needed to solve city’s ‘transportation crisis’: Experts.” AMNY 3/5/18

Read Eric Goldstein’s brilliant piece for the NRDC, “New York Needs Congestion Pricing Now More Than Ever.” 3/1/18

Read the NY Times’ Editorial Board’s latest: “New Yorkers Deserve Action on Ambitious Transit Plans.” 2/27/18

NYDailyNews’ Editorial Board makes a great case for the continued push for congestion pricing in NYC! The time is now! 2/25/18

Move NY Director Alex Matthiessen & MTA Boardmember Scott Rechler’s Op-Ed in Crain’s: “Congestion pricing where the outer boroughs win.” 2/13/18

Read Jonathan Bowles & Matt Chaban’s Op-Ed for the Gotham Gazette on the need for congestion pricing in NYC! 2/13/18

Bklyn Legislators Demand Funds to Fix Subway, Push Congestion Pricing,” writes Kelly Mena for Kings County Politics. 2/12/18

Transit experts search for solutions to a subway, bus system in a ‘state of crisis,'” writes Rajvi Desai for AMNewYork. 2/12/18

Read Charles Komanoff for The Villager on “Why Downtown should back congestion pricing.” 2/8/18

John Rennie Short asks, “Are traffic-clogged US cities ready for congestion pricing?” Spoiler: the answer is yes, yes indeed. 2/7/18

Read Benjamin Schneider’s piece for CityLab about “Traffic’s Mind-Boggling Economic Toll.” 2/7/18

De Blasio Meets with Cuomo in Albany Amid Disagreements Over MTA Funding,” Madina Toure for the Observer. 2/6/18

As subway goes down the tubes, business sits on its hands,” Greg David for Crain’s. 2/4/18

Manhattan vehicle-toll plan would help mass transit,” writes the Newsday Editorial Board. 2/1/18

Move NY director, Alex Matthiessen, speaking at Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s press conference on January 30, 2018. TSTC released data showing that, on average, just 4% of a given legislative district’s commuters drive into the CBD and will thus face a new congestion charge under the proposed “Fix NYC” plan.


Speaker Corey Johnson pushes for congestion pricing, warns failure to fix subways could be our ‘undoing.'” NYDailyNews 1/31/18

Data Shows City Drivers Won’t Face the Brunt of Congestion Fees,” Sarah Maslin Nir for The New York Times. 1/30/18

The NYDailyNews’ Editorial Board demands that NYC’s 65 Assembly Members, “Stand up for the 96% and support congestion pricing.” 1/30/18

Congestion pricing in Manhattan won’t affect most commuters, report says,” Vincent Barone for AM NewYork. 1/30/18

Watch: “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz make the case for congestion pricing in NYC 1/26/18

Now the Real Work Begins on a Manhattan Congestion Pricing Plan,” Winnie Hu & Vivian Wang for The New York Times. 1/25/18

Move NY Director Alex Matthiessen Explains the Path to Passage for Congestion Pricing. Gotham Gazette. 1/24/18

Nina Agrawal for The Los Angeles Times takes a look at New York’s congestion problem & proposed solution (hint, hint: congestion pricing). 1/24/18

Read the Crain’s Editorial Board’s Strategy to get Albany’s OK on Congestion Pricing1/23/18

The New York Times’ Editorial Board breaks down the Fix NYC Panel’s proposed congestion pricing plan: “A Pricing Scheme to Unclog New York’s Arteries.” 1/22/18

The NY Daily News’ Editorial Board says, “The Price is Right on Congestion Pricing.” 1/21/18

CityLab’s Laura Bliss asks, “Could Congestion Pricing Finally Work for New York City?” We say, Yes! 1/19/18

The Village Voice’s Aaron Gordon writes, “Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing Plan Actually Isn’t Half Bad.” 1/19/18

Charles Komanoff explains just “How Congestion Pricing Will Help Stop Climate Change” for Streetsblog NYC. 1/12/18

Charles Komanoff answers “Why Congestion Pricing Won’t Overwhelm the Subways” for Streestblog NYC. 1/2/18

Watch: Uber endorses congestion pricing for New York City and the Move NY Plan!



Read Move NY Director Alex Matthiessen & Assembly Member Rodriguez Op-Ed in the NYDailyNews: “The Right Way to do Congestion Pricing.” 12/08/17

Charles Komanoff breaks down why “London Traffic Would Be At Least 20 Percent Slower Without Congestion Pricing,” for Streetsblog NYC. 12/05/17

Great piece by Streetsblog’s David Meyer! “Congestion Pricing Was Unpopular in Stockholm – Until People Saw It in Action.” 11/28/17

Read Winnie Hu’s New York Times piece about MoveNY and how, “New York’s Tilt Towards Congestion Pricing Was Years in the Making.” 11/28/17

How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways“: Incredibly detailed New York Times feature by Brian Rosenthal, Emily Fitzsimmons & Michael LaForgia. 11/18/17

Meet the Spreadsheet That Can Solve NYC Transit (and the Man Who Made It).” – Aaron Gordon for Motherboard 11/17/17


On Television.

Move NY’s Alex Matthiessen and NYT editorial writer Vikas Bajaj talk with Jose Martinez on NY1 Transit

Move NY Addresses Bridge Tolls and NYC’s Mass Transit on Bric TV


NYC Traffic Congestion Prompts Website, Calls for Tolls at East River Crossings on NBC4

NYC Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer & Move NY’s Alex Matthiessen discuss the Move NY Fair Plan on NY1 News.

Should straphangers be worried about a large fare hike? Watch Gene Russianoff of NYPIRG’s Straphangers Campaign discuss the MTA’s serious funding gap on PIX11.

Move NY’s Alex Matthiessen and Gridlock Sam talk with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer about the need for a fully funded MTA Capital Plan.

Watch Move NY’s Alex Matthiessen on BK Live

Watch Move NY’s Alex Matthiessen (2:44) and Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s Nadine Lemmon (2:38) testify before the NYS Senate’s Committee on Transportation and Committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investment on the Move NY Fair Plan and the MTA 5-year Capital Plan

Watch City Councilman Mark Weprin, Alex Matthiessen, and Gridlock Sam discuss the benefits of the Move NY Fair Plan on Inside City Hall, NY1

Watch Gridlock Sam discuss the Move NY Fair Plan on Up Close, ABC 7

Proposal Calls for Tolls on NYC’s Free Bridges to Fill MTA Budget Hole, Pix11

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