Watch. Read. Download.


Check out this video that tells stories traveling New Yorkers experience every day — gridlock, breakdowns and delays, limited service, and, ahem, severe overcrowding — and how Move NY is the solution to our transportation troubles.

Check out this video of New Yorkers of all stripes talking about their struggles with the transportation system.  Our road and transit network is constantly failing us. And things are going to get worse if we don’t act.

You can also take a look at our powerpoint presentation. (Note: this is intened for oral presentations in front of a live audience. It’s image-heavy and text-light, so won’t convey a lot of information if you’re looking at it at home.)


Read NYDailyNews op-ed by Alex Matthiessen and AM Rodriguez touting the benefits of the MoveNY Plan!

Check out Charles Komanoff’s piece in Streetsblog NYC “London Traffic Would Be At Least 20 Percent Slower Without Congestion Pricing.”

If that doesn’t yet have you convinced, read about how congestion pricing in Stockholm went from unpopular to beloved in David Meyer’s Streetsblog piece.



2015 MNY Final Ex Sum copy_Page_1MNY Brochure Title Page

Read Legal Memo on City Authority to Impose Tolls to understand the basis for New York City’s authority to enact its own congestion pricing plan.

Review fact sheet Albany v. NYC Version of MNY Plan to compare the Albany vs. NYC versions of the Move NY plan.

Read Letter to Chairman Rodriguez re. NYC’s Tolling Authority from leading legal scholars.

Read Move NY’s Press Release re. Home Rule Plan Testimony before the NYC Council’s Transportation Committee hearing on traffic congestion.

Read Alex Matthiessen’s testimony and Prof. Rick Hills’ testimony before the NYC Council’s Transportation Committee in support of a Home Rule version of the Move NY plan.

Download our brochure for a quick summary of our transportation crisis – and how the Move NY Plan can help solve it.  You can also download the Spanish brochure.

Download your borough fact sheet: Move QU Forward || Move SI Forward || Move BK Forward || Move BX Forward || Move MH Forward 

Download the fact sheet on Move LI Forward || Move HV Forward

Download the Move NY Fair Plan to learn about our proposed toll swap and how to secure the revenues generated by the new plan.

Download the Move NY Fair Plan Executive Summary to learn about our proposed toll swap and how to secure the revenues generated by the new plan.

Want a quick comparison of how Move NY’s Fair Tolling plan compares to current rates?  Download this simple table, or this one to see the differences for truckers.

Move NY relies on the Balanced Transportation Analyzer, developed by economist Charles Komanoff, to model our revenue and traffic reduction projections.  HNTB reviewed the model and found it “Comprehensive”, “Dynamic”, “Transparent”, “Broad-based” and “Realistic”.

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